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When we need to choose a kind of Low voltage (0.6/1kv ) Cables in a project, usually we have to make a decision between the PVC insulated cable and XLPE insulated Cable, in order to make the right choice, you need to know the differences between the two kinds most popular cables.

Maximum working temperature of conductor: PVC insulated Cable is 70 Centigrade, XLPE insulated Cable is 90 Centigrade.
Maximum short (lasting less than 5 seconds) temperature: PVC insulated Cable is 160 Centigrade, XLPE insulated Cable is 250 Centigrade.
Service life: Usually, the XLPE insulated cable is longer than PVC insulated cable.
Price: Usually, the XLPE insulated cable price is higher than PVC insulated cable.
Water Proof Performance in Application Environment: PVC insulated cable is better than the XLPE insulated cable.
Environment Protection aspect: For XLPE is not containing chlorine which will release toxic gases once burn, so XLPE insulated Cable is environment friendly compared with PVC insulated Cable.

In a long run, the XLPE insulated Cable is better than PVC insulated Cable, but the price is a little higher, but if we take all factors in to consideration(such as environment protection, service life, safety and so on), XLPE insulated cable has a high cost-performance.

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